The ASTRA series of compact LED light designed with 1, 3 or 6 high-power LEDs with electronic driver built-in waterproof anodized aluminium casing for surface mounting.

Innovative electronic design with built-in microprocessor enables network connections and remote control with digital dimming.

Built-in ASTEL protocol enables complete lighting control by using optional DMX512 interface MXU01.

Advanced optical system with reflector and holographic diffuser allows perfect light spread. Different color temperature options offer perfect solutions in the interior and exterior.

Due to wide range of prestige massive face shapes made of alluminium or stainless steel the ASTRA is suitable to fit on luxury yachts and superyachts.

All models are designed for operating at extreme temperature and voltage conditions with thermal, transient and reverse polarity protections.


  • Innovative design

  • 1, 3 or 6 High-Power LEDs

  • Anodized Aluminium Casings

  • Massive Face Shapes and Finishes

  • Warm White, Daylight White, Red, Green or Blue Lighting
  • Reflector with Holographic Diffuser

  • Microprocessor Control
  • Digital Dimming
  • DMX512 Network Control
  • Polarity Protection

  • Transient Protection

  • Thermal Protection
  • Wide Range Power Supply
  • Low Power Consumption

  • Simple Installation



    I Internal dimming control, 2-wire system
    E External dimming control, 3-wire system

    Front shape

    AW Painted white aluminium
    AB Painted beige aluminium
    SP Polished stainless steel
    SG Polished gold (PVD) stainless steel
    SS Satin stainless steel

    Color of lighting

    W   warm white
    D   daylight white
    B   blue
    G   green
    R   red






    Technical Specifications
    Power supply 12–24 Vdc, max. 300 mA/12Vdc or max. 155 mA/24Vdc (MSM0115)
    12–24 Vdc, max. 330 mA/12Vdc or max. 185 mA/24Vdc (MSM0320)
    12–24 Vdc, max. 600 mA/12Vdc or max. 315 mA/24Vdc (MSM0650)
    Lens angle 100°
    Optical window High grade polycarbonate glass
    Luminous flux max. 270 lm (MSM0115)
    max. 430 lm (MSM0320)
    max. 870 lm (MSM0650)
    White color temperature 4500K (daylight) or 3000K (warm)
    Casing Black anodized aluminium
    Dimensions Ø88 x 12mm (MSM0115, MSM0320)
    Ø108 x 12mm (MSM0650)
    Weight Aluminium front shape 170g (MSM0115, MSM0320) or 250g (MSM0650)
    Stainless steel front shape 260g (MSM0115, MSM0320) or 350g (MSM0650)


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