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    The SOMBRA 0110 series of compact wall LED lights is designed with different light engines, heights and beams.

    The most advanced design with built-in microprocessor enables network connection and simple control of complete groups of single-color or multi-color lights through the complete rainbow spectrum by using optional momentary switch or optional DMX512 interfaces with built-in ASTEL protocol.


    • Compact Stainless Steel or Aluminium Casing
    • Sand-Blasting and Anodizing E6C0 Finishing

    • 1 High-Power LEDs Design

    • Warm White, Daylight White, Cool White, Blue, Green, Red,
      Multi-Color RGB or Multi-Color RGBW Lighting

    • High Grade PMMA or Polycarbonate Glass Optical Window
    • Vacuum Metalized Reflector or High-Efficiency Lens
    • Remote Control
    • Digital Dimming

    • Built-in ASTEL Protocol for DMX512 Control
    • Polarity Protection

    • Transient Protection

    • Thermal Protection

    • Low Power Consumption

    • Simple Installation


      Model Description
      0110-WCLSSL 1 High-Power LED, single, aluminium
      0110-WCLSDL 1 High-Power LED, dual, aluminium
      0110SS-LB79 1 High-Power LED, flush-mount, aluminium
      0110-WCLSSL 1 High-Power LED, flush-mount, stainless steel
      Color of lighting Description
      WW Warm White
      DW Daylight White
      CW Cool White
      R Red
      G Green
      B Blue
      RGB Red + Green + Blue
      RGBW Red + Green + Blue + Warm White
      Beam Description
      N Narrow
      M Medium
      W Wide
      Tube Description
      LTH67 Tube height 65mm
      LTH232 Tube height 230mm
      LTH532 Tube height 530mm
      LTHCCH Tube height customized
      Beam Description
      LCBDB Direct no reflective beam
      LCBRL Low profile side-reflective beam
      LCBRH High profile side-reflective beam
      LCBRD High profile down-reflective beam

      Technical Specifications

      Power supply 12 – 24 Vdc, max. 130 mA
      Lens angle 12°(N), 30°(M), 80°(W)
      Optical window High-grade polycarbonate glass
      Luminous flux max. 130 lm
      ASTEL protocol default address 1
      Operating temperature -10°C – +50°C
      Casing Anodized aluminium
      Protection IP 66 (aluminium)
      IP 68 (stainless steel)
      Dimensions max. Ф60 x 90 x 110 mm (0110 WCL series)
      max. Ф79 x 65 x 110 mm (0110 LB series)
      Weight max. 700 g (0110 WCL series)
      max. 250 g (0110 LB series, aluminium)
      max. 600 g (0110SS LB series, stainless steel)